The Eternal Gardens: Staglieno Cemetery

The Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno and open-air museum has been a masterpiece of the city of Genoa since its opening in 1851.  Its rich and diverse vegetation, tombs in the open area and the ones enclosed in the neoclassical porticos make it a rare and historic treasure as well as a place of collective and personal memory.

The itinerary of the guided tour includes the historic porticos and nearby open areas, allowing visitors to observe some of the most significant tombs such as the famous “peanut vendor”, Caterina Campodonico, the gorgeous Oneto’s Angel by Monteverde and the tomb of Mary Constance Lloyd, Oscar Wilde’s wife. We will also visit the large and magnificent family mausoleums on the romantic avenue of Boschetto, a site of remembrance surrounded by superb greenery.

If you are interested in the Genoese Jewish Cemetery (at Staglieno Cemetery there are 2 Jewish Areas) have a look to Genoa Unveiled page where you will find some information about my Genoese Jewish Sites Tour  Project.


Artistic Genoa

Genoa from the Middle Ages has been one of the most important maritime cities in Italy, thus it has a rich artistic heritage. This excursion focus on the most significant highlights we find in the historic center with visits to some of the noble palaces which are Unesco world heritage sites since 2006.  A visit is also made to the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, and to the two beautiful baroque churches, Santissima Annunziata and Chiesa del Gesù where we find two gorgeous Rubens' masterpieces.

The tour may include a visit to the painting collections in Palazzo Bianco and Palazzo Rosso museums, where we will admire Caravaggio's, Van Dyck's, Rubens',  Luca Cambiaso's and Bernardo Strozzi's paintings, the second floor baroque frescoes and the suggestive view of Genoa from its balcony situated on the top of the building.



Historical Genoa tour

Genoa as a rich, exciting, sometimes tragic past, overshadowed by war and its legacy. In order to understand these evens more clearly, we can visit numerous points in the city. Some of the subjects we will focus on are: Cristoforo Colombo, Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Thousand’s or Red Shirts’ and Giuseppe Mazzini’s statements and traces. Also included are sites like the Tower of Grimaldi and its prison, the places where the Socialist Party was founded and where the partisans fought on World War II. Not to forget the activity of Delasem people, the dark presence of the Red Brigades terrorist group and the last memories of the G8 2001 Summit disorders which are still present in the city and its suburbs. 


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