Genoa Unveiled - the Genoese Jewish sites tour project

Throughout my years of humanistic studies, I have developed a passion for Jewish culture. For this reason, I have realized a project called “Genoa Unveiled” dedicated to Genoese Jewish cultural sites. I called it Genoa Unveiled and I opened a FB page dedicated to it.

The Jewish presence in Genoa has left its traces: some are very clear while others still remain unseen. The first trace of a Jewish Community in Genoa dates back to the 5th century.  In the 17th century, in vico del Campo, not far from what is now called  “Old Port area”, the Genoese Maritime Republic established a Jewish Ghetto, with proper gates and its own laws.

What happened to Genoese Jews after the Unification of Italy (1861)? How did the Community react to Second World War?

This project offers a tailor-made experience, full of history and remembrance, which includes at your choice three main places to visit:

  1. The medieval and modern centre of Genoa (a good choice also if you visit the city for the first time) to discover where Jews were forced to live in Genoa and their influence and connections with the history of the Genoese Republic and of Italy from Medieval times to now.
  2. The New Synagogue and the Small Sinagogue in Bertora street (only on request, the entrance to the Synagogue must be booked at least 2 weeks earlier)
  3. The Jewish Cemetery at Staglieno: a very significant site, where we will unveil traces of history and admire old gravestones. This tour can be combined with the classical tour at Staglieno Monumental Cemetery.


The Genoese Jewish tour can be booked everyday except from Saturday.




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