Food Lover’s Tour

Historical shops, handicraft workshops, markets: flavors, faces and the scents of a city that jealously keeps its recipes hidden but can be slowly discovered, revealing tasty and appealing qualities. According to the season, the range of possible tasting adventures is very extensive, but we will choose the most delicious foods at places that have been making these delicacies for generations. Each food-tasting location is carefully selected, based not only on the quality of the food, but also the establishment’s history, the passion of the owners and its significance in the neighborhood.  Sweet and salty street food such as farinata (chickpea flour pie), friscieu (fried croquettes), pesto sauce, focaccia, white wine and olive oil; we will satisfy your cravings! The tour will end at the main genoese marketplace, the Mercato Orientale (Eastern Market) in the modern neighborhood very close to De Ferrari Square. Live and eat as a local!


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